Ours Costs

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Simple and affordable prices

Our Standard Fee


This rate covers our complete payroll system.

  • Superannuation Management
  • Taxation Management
  • Multi-bank account support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Cloud based timesheets

Referral Discount


Discount Applied for each referral to Unity Payroll*

  • Additional discounts available
  • Min. Standard Fee 0.5%
  • Only available whilst your referral remains with Unity Payroll

How do the Referral Discounts work?

If you choose to kindly refer a family member, friend or colleague to our services, once they've received their first payslip, we will provide you with an ongoing 0.15% discount on your fees whilst they remain with Unity Payroll.

This isn't just a single time offer either! You can receive additional discounts or each every contractor referred to us. Your fee could be as low as 0.50%!

Please Note: Discounts do not continue if your referred family member, friend or colleague ceases using our services.

What is my pay cycle?

Unity Payroll will pay you immediately upon approval of your timesheet by your recruitment agency or contracted employer. This allows us to effectively 'follow' your recruiters pay cycle.

When is my Superannuation Paid?

We pay Superannuation to our clearing house, within 7 days of your respective payslip.